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We know that the patient experience is not a steady state so data generated from traditional instruments don’t always capture what happens in the real world.  With each step, patients negotiate a changing landscape of goals and aspirations, unmet needs, barriers to care, influencers and supporters, and sources of information that they must navigate.

Health Storylines™ RWE Platform collects, isolates and clarifies the key dimensions of patient experience in the context of their real lives, by integrating social media analysis with individual patient experience data, collected in real world, real time to uncover the actionable insights relevant to the entire product lifecycle management.



Patient Monitoring & Care Coordination

  • Patient Journey Data informs the need for supportive care or education to support patients, and initiatives to make life with sustained treatment more tolerable.

  • Real-time monitoring of patients beyond the care setting streamlines care delivery and make triaging patient follow-ups more efficient.


Digital Therapeutics & Patient Engagement

Deliver value beyond-the-pill by engaging patients in self-care behaviours that will improve their experience with a medication, or rapidly surface drivers to switch therapies.



Identify leverageable opportunities to engage patients at critical moments along their journey, and use language that will resonate with their experience.



Deliver education and messaging through the app and measure the impact of campaigns on outcomes and engagement.

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Patient Reported Outcomes

Go beyond traditional PRO instruments to collect contextually rich data over time to follow patients’ experiences and understand the levers that impact it.



Leverage technology to follow up with patients for additional information to better understand their experiences and health outcomes.

Health Economics & Outcomes Research (HEOR)

Gain a granular understanding of the economic impact of diseases and treatments by gathering data on work productivity, health related quality of life (HRQoL), the direct financial toxicity of treatments, as well as the downstream financial implications of impacts on physical and emotional health.


Clinical Research

Measure new patient-centered constructs to identify new modifiable factors that can be leveraged to optimize treatment adoption and drive value beyond the pill. Click the button below to learn more about our innovative approach to research design.

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Value-Based Pricing & Reimbursement

  • Understand value in from a patient’s perspective, in relation to financial, physical and emotional health.

  • Measure outcomes and value-drivers from patients in new ways that capture the value of prevention and efficiencies in care.

  • Measure quality of care and patient involvement in shared decision-making to articulate value of frameworks of care, and treatments.  


 Regulatory & Pharmacovigilance

Systematically capture adverse events (AEs) to measure safety, efficacy, and identify novel benefits across a more representative sample rather than relying on self-report.



Gather meaningful real world data that aligns with the 21st Century Cures Act and the FDA’s Patient Focused Drug Development initiative (PFDD) to support regulatory submissions and label expansions

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New Disease Models

  • Develop patient-centric disease models by following the patient journey beyond the clinic.

  • Incorporate quality of life, emotional health, drivers of care decisions by both patients and physicians, and relevant stakeholders influencing the experience of disease.

  • Identify relevant real-world sub-populations based on variables that are not influenced by the inclusion/exclusion criteria that skew RCT sample population characteristics.