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 Research & Real World Patient Evidence Generation

Incorporate new Patient Journey Data into clinical research. Complement Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) and other forms of RWE from medical records, claims data, and pharmacy data to better understand the lives of patients.



Unmask drivers of treatment decisions, and identify opportunities to educate and inform patients as they navigate their journey. Leverage the opportunity to learn about patients in their own words, and develop content and care plans that will resonate with their experiences.

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Health Storylines Creator™

Administrator dashboard that facilitates clinical remote monitoring and clinical research coordination. Smart functionality to triage follow-ups, identify adverse events, engage patients and more.

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Health Storylines™

Patient-facing tool with dual functions as a data collection interface and digital therapeutic (see below). Disease agnostic and customizable, supports research from clinical development to post-marketing studies.

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Health Storylines Analytics™

Population-level aggregated and de-identified data to identify relevant sub-populations. Visualize patterns within the data according to variables such as demographics, geography, comorbidities, common medications, frequent symptoms and more. Free-text written by patients is analyzed using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and our proprietary Patient Decision-Making Framework (PDMF) to identify novel themes and new hypotheses.

Novel sources of patient-data and metadata gathered longitudinally can inform new constructs. Accelerate analysis and time to insight with machine learning and NLP that integrate multiple sources of data.


 Digital Therapeutics

Patients carry a second brain in their pockets - now you can not only learn about their lives, but influence them through patient engagement materials and customized tools designed to support their journey.



Leverage the ability of the platform to both gather and deliver information to directly measure the impact of education campaigns and care plans. Make a difference in patients’ lives to influence quality of care, availability of effective treatments, and improve outcomes. We co-develop content with patient organizations and care teams.


Digital Therapeutics tools

Carcinoid NETs Health Storylines™