The Health Storylines™ Partner Program

Patients are leading the way. Harness the potential of data-driven personalized healthcare.

Join our ecosystem to support, connect, understand, engage, research, and involve patients throughout their journey to drive personalized care and better outcomes. 

With a system as diverse, at times siloed and isolating as healthcare, stakeholders need to collaborate with patients.


We’re proud to partner with the world’s best!



Let’s create a healthcare ecosystem where patients are at the intersection of human networks, technology and science. 

Join a community of scientists, clinical researchers, healthcare providers, technologists, and patient advocates to support patient care and research outside the bounds of the traditional healthcare system. 


 Partnership Benefits

REDUCE COSTS. More economical and efficient way to monitor the patient journey, generate patient reported outcomes in parallel with randomized controlled trials and post marketing surveillance activities.

SUPPORT PATIENTS AND GET COMPENSATED. Ability to participate in enterprise driven projects where you contribute and get compensated for your expertise.

BECOME AN EXPERT ADVOCATE. Access to a network of stakeholders whose expertise are relevant to research and patient engagement projects.

MORE PERSONALIZED PATIENT CARE. Deliver personalized patient interventions and supportive solutions that complement treatments.

BE MORE INFORMED, TAKE ACTION. Monitor patient experience outcomes along with their treatments and secure real world, real time data necessary for better care.

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Provide a free mobile health app for your community to support their self-management needs. Distribute credible patient and caregiver education and other types of content to reach new audiences and to deliver new value. Empower patients to become data donors and increase access to clinical trials.

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Leverage a user-friendly integrated data capture platform for a more affordable and efficient way to generate real-world evidence for randomized clinical trials and post-marketing surveillance activities. Enable your customers to access new types of patient journey data.



Engage your patients in their care by providing them with a customizable, patient-centred digital intervention that complements standard of care treatment modalities. Monitor participants through a web-based portal to help facilitate timely interventions.



Go beyond traditional PROMs to provide essential context to patient journey research in parallel with RCTs. Collect longitudinal, episode-driven patient experience data through in-the-moment surveys and health tracking tools, as well as passive data from wearables and other monitoring devices.






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