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Health Storylines Creator™ is the most advanced system for bringing the entire patient journey into clinical research and patient care. We connect the clinic to the home and the entire ecosystem of health care.


Health Storylines Creator

With the 21st Century Cures Act, and a new emphasis on Real World Data (RWD) and Real World Evidence (RWE), research is changing. We are bringing the most flexible platform to change with it. We help you understand the patient experience journey at a deep & intimate level. Generate meaningful new data collected on the most advanced platform with deep analytics to support your research & clinical care needs.

It’s time to transform big data into small data to drive personalized healthcare.

Traditional clinical trials, patient-reported outcomes and post-market surveillance all have their limitations in understanding what happens to patients when they are not at the clinic, leaving many gaps. We fill the gaps in the patient journey and provide critical missing context to what patients experience under different conditions and treatments.


 Hi-Touch, Hi-Tech, Hi-Science

The patient journey is multi-dimensional and complex . Disease experience, treatments, QoL, psychosocial, social Determinants change over time.



We enable patients to connect with a circle of support from family members, physicians, other healthcare professionals even their peers. Having someone they trust monitor and follow them over time gives them that sense of comfort.


Health Storylines™ is a digital platform that enables self care management, patient monitoring and real world evidence generation and research from clinic to home.


Our platform leverages cutting edge data collection and analytics to mine insights from the intersection of medicine, social science and other external determinants of health to inform patient care and outcomes.


Key Features

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Fully customizable for your study and patient population.

Disease agnostic.

Leverage our experience working with thousands of patients across many therapeutic areas to develop patient-centric protocols.

What you don’t know can hurt you. Gather data from patients based on the full range of their experience, including co-morbidities, real-world medication adherence and off-label use, perceptions and attitudes, and self-care behaviors.

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A complete clinical trial solution

Digital therapeutics program ready

Coordinate research, monitor patients, and view a real-time stream of patient reported data, all from the same platform.

Leverage the benefits of guided self-care to provide value beyond the pill while gathering insights for ongoing commercial success.

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Research ready: Patients and data from over 50 different therapeutic conditions

Develop hypotheses based on existing patient data and social media analytics. Leverage aggregate data to identify and target relevant sub-populations. Lean on our experienced research team for patient-centered protocol development and IRB submission. 

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Ultra-fast deployment

A flexible yet comprehensive solution for any kind of patient-driven research

Choose from our library of tools to push educational materials or capture data, or develop a new custom tool in minutes. Real-time data monitoring enables efficient hypothesis testing and fast action to address gaps or challenges.

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Easy, Secure & Supportive



Our Real World Evidence platform enables to recruit rapidly with targeted patient profiles, customize a data collection tool, track and monitor participants in real time, and send automated messages to ensure timely data collection. Contact us for more information.

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Our solution can integrate seamlessly into your clinical practice. Use our platform to remotely monitor patients, track adherence, create alerts and deliver customized behavior intervention programs across different patient groups.

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Work with us, leverage our Real World Evidence platform to build your own customizable app, create, deliver new and fresh content.

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BIO / PHARMAceuticals

By leveraging our platform, you can tailor and deliver customized content and messages to patients to drive treatment adoption and brand switches.

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Measure HCP performance and patient benefit to reward effective care, and incentivize stakeholders to follow guidelines. Inform formularies based on real world evidence of medication effectiveness and adherence.

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Enhance your ability to deliver patient-generated data to serve your customers. Our disease agnostic, customizable platform can be tailored for your requirements.

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